Best Electric Shaver For Head – February 2017

Best Electric Shaver for Head

Best Electric Shaver For Head – February 2017

The best electric razor for your face may not necessarily be the best electric shaver for head.

Going bald is not an issue anymore. As a matter of fact many guys would use electric shaver for head to shave their head completely even if they don’t
share the destiny of being bald. Bald men are extremely appealing to some women and it is in fashion. 

However, just like you would not try to make a steak using a screwdriver and a hammer you would not use just any shaver for shaving your head. To find the best electric shaver for bald head you need to do a bit of homework.

Shaving head with disposal blades

Shaving with disposable blades is common, but it is tricky and you may get cuts and burns. Moreover, you may not have the time to visit a salon every day. Using manual blades to shave by yourself is extremely difficult and time consuming.

But if you insist on using disposable blades you can try headblade razor, specifically designed to shave your head. It looks like a lawnmower with a handle to fit in your palm. You can shave on your own with this type of a razor.

The best alternative we have found is an electric shaver for head.

Electric Shavers for HeadPanasonic ES-LT41-KPanasonic ES-LT71-SPanasonic ES8243APanasonic ES-LF51-APanasonic ES-LA63-SPanasonic ES-LA93-KPanasonic ES-LV61-APanasonic ES-LV81-K
Number of Blades3 Blades3 Blades4 Blades4 Blades4 Blades4 Blades5 Blades5 Blades
Motor TypeLinearLinearLinearLinearLinearLinearLinearLinear
Flexible Pivoting Head
Multi-Flex Pivoting Head
30-Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades
Hypoallergenic Stainless-Steel Foil and Blades
Arc Foil
Ultra-Thin Vibrating Outer Foil
Lift-Tech Foil
Pop-up Trimmer
Wet/Dry Shaving
Display10-Stage LCD5-Stage LED10-Stage LCD5-Stage LED10-Stage LCD10-Stage LCD10-Stage LCD10-Stage LCD
Travel Lock Switch
Automatic Cleaning and Charging System
Full Charge Time1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour
Usage Time45 Minutes45 Minutes45 Minutes45 Minutes45 Minutes45 Minutes45 Minutes45 Minutes
Automatic Universal Dual Voltage
Travel Pouch
Replacement Outer FoilWES9187PCWES9187PCWES9161PCWES9167PCWES9025PCWES9025PCWES9171PCWES9171PC
Replacement Inner BladeWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9170PCWES9170PC
Replacement Foil & BladeWES9027PCWES9027PCWES9020PCWES9027PCWES9165PCWES9165PCWES9030PCWES9030PC
Cleaning CartridgesWES035PWES035PWES035P

You may use any electric shaver for shaving your head. The result and competence will vary from one shaver to another. Some shavers like Braun series 7-790cc is capable of giving a close shaving for your face as well as your head.

Another shaver worth mentioning is the latest Panasonic ESLV81 K; This shaver comes with a 5 blade cutting system and is considered the king of shavers by many users.

All these shavers and others can be a good choice for shaving your head, yet again they are not especially designed for head shaving. You will find some flaws and missing elements when you shave your head.

1. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

So far the ultimate and best electric shaver for bald head is the awesome Skull Shaver. This shaver is especially designed to shave your head with comfort and ease while giving a very close shave. Though you can shave your face using this shaver like just about any electric razor, its primary task is to shave your head clean.

Skull Shaver features 5 rotary blades to give a smooth, fast and close shave. The shaver will read the contours of your head very efficiently. As you can see from the design of the shaver it is uniquely built to give the desired flexibility and the most enticing head shaving experience.

The Skull Shaver is also well suited for people with sensitive skin or scalp. Generally, we face skin irritation with electric shaver mostly when the shaver gets hot upon using.

With most electric shaver you will find the motor near the shaving head which tends to make the shaver head hot very quickly. The powerful motor with Skull Shaver is located in the handle.

Maintenance with Skull Shaver is easy. You easily remove the individual snap-on heads to either replace or clean. Once fully charged the shaver can give you 30 minutes of cordless shaving.

You can read our more in-depth review for Skull Shaver and for discounts if you think this is the shaver you had been looking for.


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2. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

In our earlier discussion, we talked about the ‘Skull Shaver’ that can get the job done with its simple technology making shaving your head feel like as easy as running your hand through your hair. In the same category is the Philips Norelco QC5550. Below we’re sharing our reviews of the best do it yourself groomer. This will keep you free from visiting the barber by using the best electric shaver for bald heads that really works.
Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro is an upgraded version of Philips Norelco QC5550 that comes with a head shave attachment to get the complete bald look. I always fancy a short stubble/crew look and with the 14 built-in attachments I have so many options to choose from the  inch setting that goes up to 19/32 inch.

I really don’t mind working with the cord attached while shaving my face but cordless shaving is a lot cooler, easier and hassle free especially when you have to work on your head. I simply cannot do with the cord tangling around while I am working on my head. It is simply good that you can work 60 minutes of cordless shaving with this shaver.

Manoeuvring is easy as the head rotates 180 degrees that helps you run your shaver comfortably in any direction. Unlike the conventional straight up cutter in most of the electric head shavers that usually pops right up, this shaver is a lot easier to handle and use.

I bet they have had sum of ideas and research put together and got it right beautifully. Shaving the back of the head may be challenging for most of us. With The 180 degree rotating head you can easily follow the spots you wish to cut/shave as you run your fingers to check on the uncut or unshaved area you want to work upon.

What other users think about Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Some users just feel that Philips should work on its locking system as it has the chances of shifting to another length setting while working on it. On the contrary, I just feel that this may not be nearly possible because to work on adjustment settings you have to apply some effort with your other hand to turn the ring as you keep holding the grip with the other. The lock ring is mounted vertical and away from the grip area. As you turn the setting you will hear the click every time you turn it to change the settings.You should really not worry at all.

Some user suggested that this electric shaver can be used for other body parts (e.g.: The armpits and chest) but we recommend this electric shaver for for head only because the clipper is larger than the recommended size. Also, the hair on other parts of our bodies may not have the same characteristics as that of our heads. I must say that this shaver works very well so well for what it was created for.

My initial experience with Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Initially, the cutting looks a little irregular and I had to run the shaver more than required to level it up. However I just felt I needed to get the basics right by placing the flat surface of the comb to fully come in contact with the surface of your skin. I got the shave right the moment I run the comb parallel to the skin and almost touching the entire area and pressing down as I moved on(not necessarily pressing too hard). You may want someone’s help to check out on irregular cuts at the back if you think you didn’t get it right the first time. Eventually you will surely get used to using this awesome groomer. This is one of the best electric shavers for bald heads that will not let you down. Thorough understanding of the appliances and its features will take you to a level of getting the best out of it.
You don’t necessary have to lubricate the shaver like the regular clippers. This is completely washable and cleaning comes easy. The brush that comes with the shaver is just handy for quick clean.
The design itself has made it so easy to use. Unlike the conventional straight up cutter that pops right in the air through the grip’s alignment, this feature has actually made the user so easy to control.
Since it is a little pricier we can expect a stand or some sort to safely store away to avoid damage and for convenience. Also, the trimming guard looks vulnerable and thin. There is really no problem replacing or removing it but I just really don’t want to snap it while doing it.


Don’t run the shave too fast. When you run the shaver on your head you will get the feel that the shaver is ready to move on to the next uncut area. Then with a slight push you will get to understand the momentum and tuned with the execution of the device.

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Wahl Professional 8061 Shaver

The Wahl Professional 8061 is an affordable, high-quality electric shaver for head and face. The product is geared toward consumers of all shaving experiences and backgrounds. From those who are often on-the-go and have little time to groom to men who enjoy a smooth, clean cut and have time to spare, the Wahl Professional 8061 can fit the needs of almost any man particular about his grooming habits.


The Wahl Professional 8061 comes with several features that consumers can appreciate. The patented Dynaflex cutting system has the ability to reach the contours of the neck, head and face, providing a pump-free, clean shave. This technology provides flexibility to reduce the risk of cuts, nicks and burns.

The product features hypoallergenic foils that provide a smooth, clean shave as well as antimicrobial protection against bacteria; those with sensitive skin may find that this shaver is an ideal product. The product is easy to handle and relatively simple in design so that users do not feel overwhelmed when operating the device.

Instructions for the shaver are available in both English and Spanish. It is not difficult to use the device as the steps are relatively simple to follow. Since the foil heads are hypoallergenic, it may be one of the most suitable shavers for those who have sensitive skin and worry about dryness when shaving.

The packaging of the Wahl Professional 8061 includes gold foil, the unit, a recharging stand, instruction manual and cleaning brush.


The Wahl Professional 8061 offers the following features:

– Gold-coated foil heads
– Patented Dynaflex technology
– Easy-to-use design
– Hypoallergenic
– Long battery life
– AC rotary motor
– Cord and cordless options
– Pop-up trimmer

Pros and Cons

The Wahl Professional 8061, with its hypoallergenic foil heads, can give those with sensitive skin a clean shave without the fear of cutting or drying out. The product measures approximately five inches in length, is lightweight and features a convenient and easy-to-use pop-up trimmer for simple mustache and side burn trimming. The shaver also appeals to those who are budget-minded as it is relatively inexpensive compared to similar products on the market.

However, several consumers agree that the Wahl Professional 8061 produces high vibrations that make it difficult to hold and operate the product, making them feel uncomfortable and not in control of the shaving process. Additionally, the shaver has a tendency to overheat almost immediately, even after only a few minutes of use. Other customers were disappointed to find that the shaver does not come with a side-cutting attachment.

Although the Wahl Professional 8061 is not the only electric shaver available for those with sensitive skin, it is one of the few electric shavers that are specifically designed for those who typically experience more razor burns, irritation and ingrown hair.

The product’s average rating is fairly balanced with more positive reviews than negative, suggesting that users either love or hate the shaver. While some consumers agree that it is the affordability of the product that first drew them to purchase it, others maintain that the hassle of purchasing and replacing foil along with the unit’s tendency to overheat is simply not worth the headache. Additionally, users report that the shaver only works on stubble-length hair and is not ideal for longer beards. However, the Wahl Professional 8061 also gives the closest shave without the use of shaving gel or blades for many consumers across the board.


The Wahl Professional 8061 may appeal more to those who have dry or sensitive skin as it can protect from damage due to its hypoallergenic foil heads. The unit is electrical but can also run on batteries, making it a smart purchase for those who travel frequently but also rely on traditional charging. Cleaning the device is relatively simple, and most consumers agree that it is a solid shaver for its price.


4. Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver


Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver is Awesome

I like the concept of using electric shavers over blade but like most people I had been utterly disappointed by the performance of many electric shavers out there. They are not cheap at all and yet barely give a close shave like the blade.

However, all electric shavers are not created equally. Braun electric shavers pride themselves of their quality and performance. And I think they have a good reason especially with their new Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic shaver which really is top-notch in performance showing in the best electric razor for shaving head category.

“Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic shaver is a superior shaver to Braun series 3 and series 1 but if you have series 5 and doing fine, stick with it.”

What difference we see between Series 7 and 5 is just some extra glittering features with the former that can be avoided. If I have a tight budget I would love to go for Braun Series 5 590cc which is certainly a high-quality shaver.

Things I love about Series 7 790cc?

It does give a Close Shave

Whenever there is an occasion and if I want a clean look I use razor! Well, this is what most of us do with a bad choice. The Braun Series 7 790cc totally eliminates the use of razor under any situations. Heck! Some would even use a blade again after shaving with this one of the best electric razor for shaving head.

The reason why you can get such a close shave with series 7 is because of the technology behind OptiFoil of Braun. This is a very advanced foil electric shaver designed to capture more hair easily and cuts hair deeper with every stroke. The foil has specially designed holes that perform the task with ease, making it best shaver for bald head. This is an outcome of Braun’s intensive research and development which they proudly flaunt.

It captures more hair effortlessly

It is a pain to repeatedly run the shaver again and again in the same area burning your skin trying to capture more hair. This Braun electric shaver does a nice job in this regard. Ability to effortlessly capture more hair in a single stroke makes it the best electric shaver for head.

Braun shaver series 7 uses Pulsonic technology that can deliver up to 10,000 micro vibrations in a single stroke.

Captures flat lying hair easily

Braun series 7 shaver captures flat lying hairs in the neck area easily which is tricky even with blades. I often cut myself using blades on the Adam’s apple trailing for a clean shave. Braun shaver series 7 comes with patented ActiveLift middle trimmer that lifts and cuts any flat lying hairs smoothly. No more bleeding cutting in a hurry with blades!

Very Flexible shaving

Braun series 7 790cc has a pivoting shaver head and floating cutting elements for maximum facial adaptation. As you run the shaver, the foils slides effortlessly to the contour of facial structure. There is no irritation or pressure on the skin. 

Braun clean and renew system

The Braun series 7 790cc includes a cleaning station that clean, charges, dries and lubricate the shaver at the press of a button. All these are done automatically and most efficiently. It is not just a normal cleaning cycle but an enhance way to keep the shaver in its best condition.

The Braun Clean and Renew System uses an alcohol based cleaning fluid. After every cleaning cycle the shaver not only renew its performance like new but also give out a fresh lemon scent. This is really nice as it help freshen up in the morning.

You can still clean the shaver with water if you prefer. But I recommend using it for efficiency in the long run and immediate enhanced performance. You can also use a feature called FastClean exclusively available for series 7 790cc that cleans the shaver in a quick 25 seconds time. I may not be busy but I am always in a hurry so I use this option most of the time.

Adjustable modes for different skin and beard

My skin is very sensitive which makes me even more particular while choosing an electric shaver. I would get rashes while shaving with blades. The Braun shaver series 7 has personalization modes. You can set it to Extra Sensitive, Normal and intensive modes depending on your skin type and hair.

Warranty and Parts

The shaver is claimed to last up to 6 years. It could be even more. The product is made in Germany and has 2 years warranty from the manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble Company. The durability of shaver rather justifies the expensive price tag though many of us would have upgraded our electric shaver by then.

Longer Cordless shaving

Braun Series 7 uses powerful rechargeable Li- Ion battery. Once the shaver is fully charged which takes about an hour I can get approximately 40 – 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

Which model to buy?

Our Braun Series 7 review is applicable for all the available three different models – Series 7 790cc, Series 7 760cc and Series 7 720s.

All models of series 7 have the same features except the four differences as listed:


Clean&Renew™ System

Fast Cleans

Hygiene Status Indicator


Series 7 790ccBraun-series-7-790cc LCD display for battery status & hygiene
Series 7 760cc
Braun Series 7 760cc
N/A   N/A LED 5+1 for battery status
Series 7 720sBraun Series 7 720s           N/A N/A   N/A LED 2+1 for battery status

There are no significant differences between 790cc and 760cc models.  The battery status display is in LCD with 790cc and LED for 760cc. The hygiene status indicator and Fast Clean feature is only available with 760cc which are negligible.

What’s in the Box?

  • One Braun series 7 shaver depending the models
  • Clean and Renew System station for series 7 790cc and series 7 760cc
  • One Cleaning Cartridge for series 7 790cc and series 7 760cc
  • Protective Travel Pouch
  • Cleaning Brush
  • SmartPlug (100V-240V) for charging

Any Downside?

They are pricey! At least that’s what most people have to say about the shaver’s downside. They are pricey but someone pointed out rightly saying that if we do our math considering the durability and efficiency it is a very good deal.

Where to get the best price for Braun shaver?

You can buy the shaver from your local store or from online store such as Drugstore, Walgreens, Shavers, Walmart, E-Store, Soap or Amazon. You can’t order directly from Braun official website, you get referred to one of the mentioned online stores.

We check prices regularly for Braun electric shaver and the cleaning solution, and by far we get the best offer from Amazon.

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic shaver is a German engineering and developed to work under the trickiest circumstances and one of the best electric shavers your money can buy.

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