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What is the Best Beard Trimmer? – Answered

A beard trimmer is a special hair cutting device that helps a man trim his facial hair. This type of unit will be helpful to men with sensitive skin and who are often affected by a regular razor. A beard trimmer makes it simple to shape a beard, mustache, or sideburns. Here is a look

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Best Electric Razor for Neck Hair

Courtesy of One of the toughest parts of shaving is getting the neck area completely clean without causing razor burns and bumps. This is due to the fact that the hair can grow in different directions, so shaving with either a manual or electric razor can be difficult. This leads to shaving

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Best Electric Razor for In-Grown Hairs

For those who have problems with in-grown hairs while shaving, there are several choices for electric razors that would work to eliminate or, more than likely, lessen the incidence of in-grown hairs. For those who want home remedies to treat in-grown hairs, check that page out. We recommend going with the Panasonic ES-LV81-K (review) if you have

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Best Electric Razor to Prevent Razor Burn

One of the worst parts about shaving if you have sensitive skin is the possibility of getting razor burn. This is possible with both blade razors and electric razors. If you have this problem, you are not alone. Millions of men (and women) have this problem and are looking for a solution. Below are 3 electric

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Braun °CoolTec Shaver – The Best Solution to Sensitive Skin

Note: Braun °CoolTec Shaver is expected to release in the mid-2013. Here is the pre-order link! Generally electric shavers are known to be a better option over disposal blades for sensitive skin. However, some people with hypersensitive skin still continue to get irritation even with the best electric razor.  The Braun °CoolTec Shaver is the

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Which one is better – Remington, Panasonic, Braun or Phillips?

Most of the time people get confused when it comes to deciding upon their choice among the big four names of electric shaver. This is because every top shavers and brands often offer similar features and functions. And they get confused whether to choose Remington, Panasonic, Braun or Philips? Of course, there are many factors

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Remington celebrates 75 years of shaving and how good is their electric shaver

Remington Electric shavers are reasonably priced. In fact their shavers are very cheap as compared to top rated shavers from Braun, Panasonic or Philips. There is hardly any unit from Remington that cross $100 benchmark. Usually, a guy is expected to shell out $200 or more for a good electric razor. Does this mean Remington

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How to Clean Electric Razor Manually to get Optimum Result

Most of the best electric shavers today have self cleaning system that can automatically and efficiently clean your shaver in no time. In fact, this cleaning station not just cleans but lubricates, scent and charges the shaver every time you use them. This really simplifies the use of electric razor and also it makes the

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Do You Have Problem Shaving Neck Area?

The majority of the guys out there find the neck area to be the most difficult area to shave. They won’t have problem getting a clean shave on the face but many guys are unable to get one on the neck. Often, the hair growth pattern is uneven on the neck area for many men,

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The most Important Factor for my Shaver

Apart from getting rid of beard and styling we have other factors set for our shaver. Present electric shavers can do a lot more than just shave. They come packed with features, and shaving is not one-factor issue. But I suppose the most important characteristic for a shaver to me is closeness. There is no

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