Looking for a cheap yet highly recommended travel shaver?

If you are anything like me you’ll try hard to keep things less in terms of baggage while travelling.  I hate carrying loads simply because it’s a burden and it’s expensive too. I don’t like to carry even my Braun 790cc. It is bulky for me especially with the cleaning station, and I don’t like

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Comparing Panasonic ES8109s and ES8103s Men’s 3 Blade (Arc3) Wet/Dry Shaver

Many will agree when I say this electric shaver is a deal for an entry level price range category for foil shaver/ best razor for men under $80. The Panasonic ES8103s is for those of you looking for a very good electric shaver at a good price without compromising the quality and performance. At almost

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Panasonic ER-GN30-K Review

Could this be the best Wet/Dry Men's Nose and Ear Trimmer? Like many others, I have recently ventured into growing a beard. At first I didn’t like the way my beard looked and realised it needed some styling. I tried on a number of occasions with my manual razor but found it a bit clumsy and

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